Why Teach

            If someone asked me if I wanted to be a teacher last year, I would have said there was no way. Today, I could not see myself doing anything else. I want to be a teacher for so many reasons. I want to lead, influence, and help my students to be the best they can be. I believe I would be a great leader to my students.
With my ability to meet my students on their level, I trust I would be a great influence on my students. I want to give my students not only the general education they need, but also show them how to be a good person in society. I want to teach my students how to care for others and how to make good decisions in life. As teachers, I believe it is our responsibility to help students make good life decisions and to help them develop life skills.
I hope to make an amazing career by teaching children the things they need to know to help them decide who they want to be in their future. I think all of these qualities set me up to make an amazing teacher full of enthusiasm and intelligence. 
 -Miss Meg

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